The Root of The Tree

Walking by midnight, 

in the middle of the day, 

I thought to myself how to be

existing is for the better of the mind, 

How can I endure every moment

I'm lost

I'm deep

but I thought I couldn't live the future

Die with the past 

I thought there was nothing left

Nothing of my life

Working for the return of my profit,

Digging deep and getting out of the rain

Embracing every opportunity

Living for my unlimited future

To those that showed me the way

Gave me the path

You will never be forgotten in my realm of dreams

Deeply inspired 

My Tree of life that dug me deep

Branch out my roots

I will not beg

I will not bow

To reach the sky

Be the bird

Live on the horizon and fly to the stars

I gave up one thing, but I'm brought in

I live again

Dry up the pain and bury myself in love

Fill myself on life

I'm deep

I'm dug down

I'm to root of my tree

I'm here to stay 

Never to leave

Who will you be?



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