Root of my Tree

I am...what am I?

I am the small peach that clings among the tangled branches that opens to many opportunities

I am the peach that comes from my parents, the tree of many opportunites

As they sping from the strong roots of my grandparents that have been through dark days of war...

they intertwine to become sturdy as one.

One grows to be bigger, better, and brighter only when they have the support of loved ones, like the

tree of opportunites, tangled branches have led me to who I am in this moment and who I will


It may get rough, when storms of loans blown by the wind smacks me in the face, or when I may

start to drift and fall away from the tree I've known my whole life, I am and will always be me...

A fighter, a friend, a Hmong Educated Women, an activist, and more...

Some may say I am an artist, an athlete, a musician...

But more than that

I am a foundation, the core of the peach that will soon plant my own roots to form another story

I am me, who springs from the tree of my parents who sprung from the roots of my grandparents

that stands strong in the dirt of the world

I am and will be the root of my tree...


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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