Starting University

My future filled with uncertainty

High hopes for my engineering courses

My parents are nothing but supportive

Taking on-campus housing to beat the traffic

My roommate’s behavior quickly turns tragic

Definitely has a mental problem

Causing issues with each of his roommates, and only we can solve them

The kitchen sink is his garbage can

And he definitely was not a garbage man

The trash would stay in the sink for weeks

I had to keep my window open because of how bad it would reek

He would be up at all hours of the night stirring trouble

Until one night I put my foot down on the double

Told him he has no right to be harassing us like this

While his life is complete bliss

He never spoke to me again after that night

But after our plight, I felt that I had set things right

He didn’t bother us anymore

And luckily we did not cause an uproar

My next roommate was much worse

At this point, I swore that I was cursed

Smoking pot every night and day

Had to sleep with the window open to keep the smell away

Blasted his speakers with music that was terrible

His behavior was entirely unbearable

One day he confronts me for no reason while he’s high as a kite

This buffoon got right in my face and wanted to start a fight

I immediately pressed the emergency button on the wall

And the police were called to break up the potential brawl

I could no longer depend on mommy and daddy to protect me

I could not allow people to take advantage of me, and I could not simply flee

I had to stand my ground and defend myself

Because the world is not a nice place, and along with good comes evil as well

Being a kid, everything is rainbows and sunshine

Until you grow up and realize, that bad people are no longer on the sidelines

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Our world
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