A Room of "Learning"


Blue plastic seats filled with static electricty

My bum becomes a medium

The itch that is caused by my seat

Forces me to stand

To avoid this feeling

Words being spoken

Run straight through my ears

And are left unheard

Neither understood or cared for

I sit and I think

Of what I'd rather be doing

Traveling, eating, seeing

Things that cannot be done

As I sit in this plastic seat

In a room of "learning"

I watch powerpoints

I observe these photos

But I'd rather be

Out there

I am confined

In this room we use for "learning"

As others live, and learn out there

The real classroom

Where there is fresh air

No stink from the boy in front

Germs flow in this square room

And I become sick

Coughs from my mouth

Apathy from my mind

If I wanted to know

What you want me to know

I would find it out there

In the real classroom

Of trees and rivers and lakes

Of sunlight and the languages

Of others I will never know

But I sit and "learn" about

Everything you want me to know




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