The Romeo and Juliet Theory


The sun shines down on my demise
Rise, rise up
Dreams will die
Lie with her
While the future succumbs
Beguile her now
While the heat is up
The feat is withstanding
The burn not worth having
Discern overwhelms us
The sensation is a constant desire
Oh god, the fire
My lord the vibration
Oh dream of the nation
Let go
Slow it down
As your legs morph to jello
Back and forth, back and forth
I’m breaching the surface
Reaching out
I can fathom your taste
Oh damn such haste
I want you for hours
Until the tip of your snake sours
Until the Nirvana reaches hell
And there’s no more stories left to tell
When your tongue stops tasting sweet
When heaven cries defeat
Only then will I stop
But for now I’ll claim your top
Drink your scent like ambrosia
And ride you until you’re spent
I’ll live in your eyes
And penetrate lies
Until you forget
No more regret, no sir
Baby time is everlasting
Fasting is not an option
Baby I am you’re bounty
Damn the rules
That plasters adolescence to my skin
Like it’s a sin to have fun
Like it’s illegal to breathe
I seethe at the statement
I can’t withstand your laws
I wave saws at your decree
That’s enough complaining
Life’s rough, get used to it
No more excuses tonight
Right you were to fear the possibility
But only because of my temper
Was, who was
Who is sorry now?
Let’s merge darling man
Not tan, but sweet eyed and alluring
I want to taste the skin
I’ve been told is such sin…

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Our world


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