Romeo and Juliet: The Re-write


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In a remote European kingdom
Lived two feuding families:
the Montagues and the Capulets.

Romeo, a Montague,
met Juliet, a Capulet,
at a party one night.

The two could not resist
falling in love,
though both were mere teenagers.

Upon hearing of the lovers,
their parents objected,
the clans were appalled.

Few times would Romeo
get to see Juliet,
and only in great haste.

Friends would arrange masked
meetings for the lovers,
risky business for all involved.

Eventually the pair eloped
and returned home to feel
their parents’ wrath.

At first the clans were shocked;
Juliet was suddenly bold
and Romeo was defiant.

“What has this generation come to?”
wondered the elders,
only to discover their feud was foolish.

Romeo and Juliet ushered in a new era,
where prejudice is primitive
and love reigns, now and forever.
The End.


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