Romeo and Juliet

Once upon a time, there was one young man who believed that true love really does exist. 


The only problem with loving his true love came with a fatal risk. 


Jullian loved Romeo which was unacceptable and wrong. 


Mainly because his sister Juliet had loved that guy for so long. 


Juliet would describe her and Romeo as star crossed lovers. 


And Jullian thought of how Romeo would never love her, because Romeo loved him even though it was a sin. 


One day Romeo said he was going to proclaim his love for Jullian at that evening's ball


But Juliet was jealous when she heard this so she decided to give Romeo a call


She explained to Romeo the tragic death of her beloved brother


Romeo was brokenhearted and said he could love no other


The only person he could ever love was dead


Suicidal thoughts began to spread


Therefor that night of the ball 


Romeo ended his life once and for all


Juliet felt guilty and sad


So when she saw Jullian she said she was sorry 


Then she died like in the original story 


Jullian was mournful that his sister and lover were dead


So he decided to lead the kingdom with courage and compassion instead


Jullian would never let anyone feel hopeless again!


The end.


So that's the story of Romeo and Juliet 


The story never told


The real one that was unspoken of because it was cold


But in the end all stories unfold. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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