A Romantic Nightmare

Adrenaline rose and we got out

And stopped to stare and look about

A frightning scene, as it should be

Still I moved close for him to hold me


Scary monsters breathed in my face

Yet I felt safe in his embrace

Nervously we stood in line

Ignoring every bewaring sign


Suddenly swallowed into the dark

On my memories this place would mark

Almost as if blinded by night

But with him was just enough light


Through the terrors as we ran

He held me close and clutched my hand

Across a bridge with spinning walls

A tunnel that would make me fall


But not as long as he was here

He caught me there and held me near

Through the rest in a dreamy concious

To protect me always was his promise


To the end, burst into the night

Horrors and monsters out of sight

Finally safe, but still to wake me

My loving hero kissed me gently

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