The colour of her eyes, just the best choice

Not quick to talk or walk

Well articulated pitch, calculated strides


Her grace is uneased

Her tenderness is satisfying

Her womanhood full of morals

Her smile so infectious

Her eyes charming


Everything in this icon is supra seductive

Every word she said did captivate

Every stare she made was catchy

Every scent of her being ignited feelings

Every single thing she did caught my attention


When she loves, she really does it

When she trusts, she doesn`t do it in doubt

When she kisses, she does it so passionately

When she caresses, she caresses so tenderly and from the heart

When she says she cares, she is so sure what she said




It is useless  to price her for she is priceless

It`s worth reciprocating her love for she really deserves

It is a feeling worth writing about for there`s never been any of this

It `s honesty , love and trust that reigns her romance

It i`s ethics and sense of true womanhood that

She believes in


Her trust unquestionable

Her gait incomparable

Her beaut` immeasurable

Her voice, still

Her concern, a yes


She has the most tempting lips

She has the most burning eyes

She hers the best temperament

She has the best psycho

She has the craziest ways of loving


Her voice is angelic

Her eyes all diamond

Her influence is magic

Her enticement is sporadic

Her being is holistic


Her brain is witty

Her morals are obsessive

Her choice of regalia honourable

Her feelings are graceful


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My family
My country
Our world
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