The Robin's Call

The cool spring air surrounds us,
The snow, a blanket on the ground.
The sun and the moon compete for dominance,
in the time that's neither day nor night.

We sit on the back of the car,
The whole world around us.

The car dips from our weight,
And groans every time you move.
We fleetingly wonder about the safety,
But then it's quickly gone.

We talk about our past and the present.
We talk about our friends and families.
We talk and talk,
as the moon slowly wins the race.

Suddenly a robin calls,
from high above the trees.
You tell me it's a sign,
that is telling us what to do.  

Why couldn't you understand what the robin  was saying?
It seemed so clear to me.
You said the bird wants us to follow it,
but I think you know the truth.

The bird was saying,
exactly what we both are wanting.
The bird was crying,
for you to lean in and touch your lips to mine.

But in the end, you laughed it off.
And ignored the bird's advice.
You left me here all alone and wishing,
For what might have been.


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