The Road to Success


The break is over, time to get back on the road.

I return to the highway, headed to my success.

Searching for my correct exit,

The green sign that says, “Hey you’re next.”

The great green sign that leads me to my dreams;

The great green sign that will make me happy.

I cannot turn around; I must wait until it is seen.

However, I sometimes get discouraged.

The road gets narrow and dim.

I pick up a passenger; its name is burden.

It slows me down; drains my soul.

I become weak.

I become blind of the light.

No longer seeing what goes beyond.

But then, something tickles the base of my foot.

Pressing the gas, I accelerate, I am now encouraged.

I am reminded of why I started the journey.

I am restored; determination.


My future.

Just the thought makes me happy,

Uplifts my soul.

I have worked so hard; 12 years of perseverance.

I cannot stop now.

So I pull over to the side of the road.

Don’t worry, I’m not giving up,

But my passenger burden had to go.

I zoomed back in fast lane.

Steady paced and my game face on,

anxious as I continue to imagine my future.

I see my diploma, college, and my career.

Helping young children find their destined exit.

Helping them overcome their fears.

My future is bright; I have a reason to rejoice.

I am proud of how far I have come;

how far I know I will go.

So I keep driving,

 searching for my exit.

Time is winding down.

I will get there soon.

To dwell in my success; live happily ever after.

My future is waiting for me.

at a special exit, with a special reward.

I’ll make it there in due time.

You just wait and see.

My future will become my present.

I will sigh with relief.

Because of my future, I am happy.





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