The Road Less Taken


United States
34° 10' 43.5288" N, 117° 35' 5.2908" W

We are the decisions we make.
Especially the lustful road we all hope to take
Pacing with someone who isn’t fake.
You just changed everything
I wonder how life without you would go.
Perhaps a better life than I currently know
This is my chance, I hope.
I made that decision
How many hearts broke in that collision?
Time would show.
Looking from the top at those crowded below,
Standing on the precipice,
Until I finally decide to take a piss
And dismiss
It like FUCK IT
And I tried to find somebody else.
In the silence of an eternal flame,
Nothing seems the same…
The sun was out today
Radiating penitent shades of gray
And I see you all the more,
As if nothing happened before,
With all the lonely people attracted to your allure.
Because they’ll need it much more than I ever will
On this road caught in a tornado of confusion still
In the space a millisecond couldn’t fill.
What the hell was I supposed to do?
There was never an us, only me and you.
Surely as time goes by
I might have someone to stand beside
As I grow older,
And the winters become colder,
As the consequences of the road I travelled remain,
There will always be a part of my brain
To wonder how life with you would go
To feel what I’ll never know
To ponder you and me, us and we, and such
To think, No I can’t love you this much
I can’t love you this much
No I can’t love you this much
I can’t love you this much...

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