The Road Home

I leave the place I once called home
No turning back, no scared thoughts
My future uncertained, untold
My quest, I know, is long and bold
I walk on what seems like forever
Consuming my time on what could have and should have been

Empty, cold, colorless in all that's done
Afraid, alone, distraught, down a neverending sea of blood
Perhaps it is only a dream
Caught in a world full of screams
Wondering when the torment will end
These poor thoughts never stop no matter where I am

As I look down the long road
I think of the adventure that comes to an end
My tragic past still wont stop these thoughts
Yet I push on searching for a place where I belong
The road winds around, a neverending path
A plea of darkness but down the road a glowing light

Burning bright, welcoming, calling my name
A home for me with no place to go, a place for my sickly soul
A place of hope, forever calm, cooling to the rage below
Gone what was once disastrous, bitter and sullen
The specks of black slowly fading but staining
Yet here I am finally where I belong


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