road of choice

Sun, 10/27/2013 - 06:53 -- aownie

Some plié their paved roads with desire

Leaping and thrusting, they attack their audience with their soulful might

Some smear their paths with the colors of their heart

Bleeding, they pump the world with their expression

Pluck, pluck, Pluck- I hear the violins sing their unearthly sensations

Their melodies fuse and shackle my soul, commanding my unbroken attention

Some yield the pen of their impassioned declarations

Inking and blotting, they smear their path with reflection and contemplation


Some instruct the youth, preaching the maxims of life

Courageous and brave, they challenge the confines of social conformity

They compel our thirst for knowledge, directing our insatiable hunger

Hoping and wanting, I follow them blindly-

Stumbling, I trudge the path of my ambiguous desires

 Some glance upon the ruins of my impassioned impulses

 Some unwilling to extend a hand, taught by a world of indifference

I grasp and grab for my gallant heart that gallops away in my gambled journey

Control, I yearn to relinquish the uncertainty that plagues me


Like a child, I feel entranced by the unknown

Bewitched with captivation, my soul feverishly ventures beyond the point of salvation

Pulsing with adrenaline, I feel the rush cascade through my veins

Some surpass me on this winding road

Some twirl and whirl past, swaying to an inaudible melody

Leaping and dancing, I yearn for their ornate elegance and grace

Some carol and chant, hymning harmonies of soulful rejuvenation

Fluttering with sentiment, my heart beats to their chants of guidance

I desire to leap, plié, and paint my worldly pleasures upon the road of my acceptance

My road of choice

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this poem represents my desires to figure out who i am and where i fit in within thi world


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