Road Block

Thu, 11/19/2015 - 02:46 -- LYonan


United States

If there's a phrase I hate it's the phrase

"You're a girl, you wouldn't understand."

What do you mean I wouldn't understand?

Explain woulda

I shoulda

And no there isn't a coulda understand.

My gender doesn't stop me because you know , I do understand.

My gender is not a cement box that can't be filled with further understanding of how each humanoid works

Not an alien in association of your desperation due to the lack of communication

Because that's how I'm viewing it.

Stereotypical to how the "ladies mind" work

We'll pardon me, lemme just pick up my high heels and pinch the tip of my dress

Bow down and leave because clearly you're much too higher than me.

My mind can't understand others because

It seems to me you're associating my gender as a road block.

My gender is not a road block

It does not define my path

I am not the girl in the traveling pants

I am human….with pants!

And shoes, and some socks, and a heart of gold that shines brighter than your ignorance

Your ignorance

Have constructed these stereotypes to no end

Yet limited to the human mind of how we should act

We shouldn't act because we have to...

You know

These stereotypes are constructed like our Chicago roads...

EDGY, full of PLOT holes, poorly structured, accidents waiting to happen

Like this conversation

When you looked at me with your heavy eyes and said

"You're a girl you wouldn't understand."

And so I say to you

With my heavy heart to your heavy eyes

You're a close minded ignorant fool

Why would you understand?



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