The Road Behind

I remember the dark road

The road I left behind

I remember the knife in my hand

and  the thought in my mind.

For so long I sat

My dreams were all blind

But I would no longer wait

the start won't be alligned.

From now on I choose

How my life is defined.


Through demons and nightmares,

and self-doubt I fought

My nemesis my fears

My great foe my thoughts

But through clouds of despair

rays of hope I had cought

For I finally realized

What for so long I'd sought.


I sat for years and di not fight

I had no reasons to win

But I have finallly found them

and now I can begin

Because to fight for one's self

that is a cardinal sin

But I have now found the strength

That I was lacking within.


So long alone in the dark

'Twas a pitiful state

But I have finally found others

who will help bear the weight.

We are the light of the future

Together, we will become great.

We are the helmsmen of our ships.

We are the masters of our fate.


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