Mon, 11/25/2013 - 23:04 -- a.lee1

Great ribbons of life

Glding along

Not silent in their stillness

Not unmoving in their quietnes

Understood to be trusted

But only to flow

In the same direction

Not to b scue

Dredging up lost




Makes onlookers wary

Of its majestic understanding

Of our lives

The river swallows

All we throw in

We run when it belches

The refuse of our secrets

Back onto the banks

And floods our lives

With the very thing

We wanted to be rid of

The river can hold only so many


They clog our lives

Choke the truth out of our minds

Overgrow our honesty

How we long to be free

Of the chains we forged for ourselves

Itermigle honesty with openness

Watch the results

In your life

The rivers stay within

Their banks, behaved

Lacking secrets

Is akin to missing pain

It is not missed

The rivers keep us honest

For our own good



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