The River of Words


United States
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I write poetry to ease my mind after a long day's work
I use rhyme scheme so my words would lurk.
It's more emotion based, than anything else.
Not usually about people, but more myself.

Back in the past, I used to write about her.
I know, typical, but sure.
She was everything in my eyes.
Now all that comes out when I think about her, are just sighs.

I remember the one time she came over on a rainy day.
I just stared at her, no words to say.
She glanced at me, ever so lovingly.
I was more than content.

Her eyes, her lips, her smile.
One of the reasons I always stayed awhile.
She was a beautiful combination of innocence
Coupled with her experience.

Staring out my window, the soft patter of rain on the ground.
The fire place making a (almost) silent crackling sound.
She was beautiful. In every sense of the word.
In every aspect of her being.

My apartment complex in the high stories of New York.
The dashing cars late to work
on that Thursday morning.
The rain was causing the traffic,
alerting reservoirs to seize the dam.
My coffee had dimmed down the plush-ness of her cheeks,
looking back down,
the river was peaceful.



This was my first poem on here, hope you like it :)

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