The Risk

Speaking my mind is a risk

But it is a risk worth taking

I want to change the world, create a new awakening

Equality is not justice but if we give justice to all, we may just be equal

Why is it that

I am from the dirt, to the trees, to the angry dogs in my neighborhood of poverty

From where the lights go off at 10 and the sirens go on at 11

But why? Why me?

Why did I not get the safe neighborhood?

The one where my fears rest as I sleep and my guard goes down along with the sun

Too many dogs, too many drunks, I refuse to leave my house for a run

I see the birds caged in my home, singing for freedom

As do I

 Daddy’s arms were the safest place I could be

But this society taught me the word safety is simply a state of mind

My mind tells me optimism is the best was to live

But my world tells me otherwise

If I am not a realist than I am wasting my time

My brain tells me “you could be anything you want”

As I sit there realizing it is not as easy as it sounds

My entire life I was told college was the answer

I was never told I would be put in a lifetime of debt

Our government so corrupt

Lying to these kids telling them they could be whatever they want

But I cannot be destroyed

I carry a shattered heart but imperishable optimism

My mind tells me success comes from constant political activism

Because our constitution states “we the people”

Yet we the people are too scared to speak up

I speak my mind as I take the risk one day becoming hopeless

But I doubt that will happen, I am already a mess


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