Rising Through Calliope


When the going gets tough,

When the minds become rough,

When the world appears dull

Everything becomes null.


So let’s all sharpen our pencils

And summon the one beyond the hills

With the supreme invocation

To the muse of inspiration!


Oh Calliope,

Lull us out of this box!

Let’s all be creative

And all write while she talks!


The muse gave us grace

Imagination rises!

We’ve forged a plethora of worlds

Of all sorts of shapes and sizes!


The yawning season has passed!

So seize that pencil

Start conjuring some phrases

And keep scribbling until…

Calliope still rises!

Like the grandest Morning sun!

It’s the dawn of a new era

Filled with Idea Rivers outside the boxes


All the adventures add up,

The Epic Tales are flowing swiftly

Let the mind soar

So that you all and me…


Can all be dynamic.

Filled to the top with utter bliss

It all will make sense

As creators, our lens

Will view other stories

And derive more with ease…


For with the blessing of Calliope,

Nothing is too far to see!


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