Rise Up

Fri, 05/17/2013 - 20:53 -- Ms_Nana


United States
41° 4' 17.2884" N, 85° 6' 4.4928" W

Life is full of mysteries; you never know what may happen, who may come your way. Being reminded we must live our life day to day. We will never know when our last time will be living, the ending of our life just unexpectedly shows up at our door. Life has to offer much yet, it’s up to us to reach out and get more.
Each moment is precious, there is no time to waste, and we must constantly keep our heads up and keep that beautiful smile established upon our face. Looking up to the sky we were designed to finish the race. Designed to win, to soar, and fly. We were designed to spread our wings up high. This life offers limitless opportunities, waiting for someone to awaken their inner creativity and to go places many have not been. See things many have not yet seen and to make a memory many will one day remember down in history. It’s time for the awakening of the dream chasers, and history makers. It’s time to Rise, it’s time to rise. Release the inner power step up and shine.


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