What if I told you...that I rode the short bus to school

Would you believe me?

Dwelling in my own fantasy

Color combinations compared to characteristics

Let your insecurities rain reign.

Black is my ass

Red is my face to your fist

The red sea beneath my lids

The sun rises...and sets again.

Then it rises...and sets again

And i come to the conclusion 

That I will be nothing more than your punching bag.

In the hierarchy I am your untouchable.

Worth less than the dirt ants tread on.

Spit on my skin


Gashes and shallow shank marks

My inner ear is bleeding from you vocabulary.

I rise...and then I fall again.

The gelatinous absence of a back bone 


Deep dark places

A protective cavern

A forever growing abyss

Shove what you lack up your ass and stay on your toes.

I rise...and then I stumble again

But never will I surrender.

Kings and Queens never back down

They protect their kingdom.


My skin is my shield 

My temple will not collapse nor crumble.

Never will I surrender 

I rise...and then I trip again

I rise.

I dare you.

Break every single bone in my body

And my spirit will keep watchful eye over your dreams

Twisting them into dark fantasies

Sleep paralysis of the soul

Try me.

Nightmares are just as submissive 

As your will to rebel against the "status quo"

You would look at the sky and aim your fists to the wind

If it meant not having to face another mirror.



sour grey matter

Let the vultures feast.

Pecking at you interchangeable porcelain mask

Painted on smile that would make the joker cringe.

Screaming at your bible 

Because that's the only way God will hear you 

But you place it underneath your pillow and you sleep on his word.

I don't understand why I feel sorry for you...

Washed your mouth of with soap

Hoping to shit out a cleansed soul.

That's not the half of it.

Never will I surrender

But FOREVER will you submit.


The skeletons in your closet unite 

To remind you of the carnage between your sheets.

Praying that the darkness consumes you so that your secrets are buried.

Went through your past lives with a fine-tooth comb.

Cracked open the ribs of your ancestors and realized

Their hearts were beating for you.

Burry them alive and let their screams fuel your rebellion.

I rise...and then I lose my footing again.

I rise.

Never will I surrender.

The light is too much for you so you tuck yourself away in the shadows,

Grab me by my ankles,

and try to take me with you.

Self preservation is all that you've even known

So you let fear and anxiety ride

The unknown is, was, and will forever be the unknown

Until you unveil yourself

But you'd rather let ignorance fuel your desperation.

I rise and I rise and I rise and I rise 

and I rebel.

Ear to ear as my face goes to your fist

Bruised and battered 

A storybook of my revolution.

"I remember that time I got my ass kicked..."

But never did I surrender

My kingdom is resilient.

Sending you flowers after battle

Retaliation, unfulfilled

Living your life with thoughts of me...


In your hierarchy I was your untouchable

Unable to touch what you have hidden from the world

The task of being yourself is poisonous.

Gas masks won't help in an internal war.

I will be you ally as long as you are willing to fight.

Land mines of your own creation implode from self assurance.

I give to you every good thing I have to offer

So let me ink speak.

Let me movement inspire.

Your revolution is coming.

Ride the short bus with me...

Dive into the mind of unicorns and rainbows and shit

And find peace in the color spectrum by...

"by any means necessary..." as Mister Malcolm would say and Mister Hodges would recite.

So now

My friend

Let us go.

The light awaits.


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