Riptide Love

Sat, 07/07/2018 - 16:58 -- cliveze

I can feel her force

like a tsunami.

Her crashing, all-consuming presence around me;

Leaving me breathless and my lungs aching for air...

I drown in her.

I am surrounded by light fading into unknown darkness

In her churning salt water and sea foam.

Fog as her veil, this watery widow cries for what was once hers.

Lustrous aquamarine eyes that sob ebbs and flows.

She is the eye of the storm and the hurricane;

terrifyingly upset and strikingly calm.

She sculpts the breeze and the waves

that set her living waters into motion.

She sets her white mares after me so high that I am

Leveled in a thunderous wave.

She wants my lungs to fill with her saline essence,

though she knows I will drown like the rest.

She does not want me to break the surface;

freedom from her dark depths.

She sings to me, temptingly, like an archaic siren.

I hear her call to me alone, but I dare not go to the rocks.

She tries to lure me in my dreams, reminding me that

I am the only survior she cannot keep.


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