A Ripple in Time

Let me take you back, back to the time when my father was still alive. The time when my mother had that spark in her eyes.
I was just a boy trying to defeat Kingdom Hearts and lead Cloud to defeat Sephiroth.
I enjoyed my father lectures from the couch since he was unable to move well. I had enjoyed watching Nickelodeon with my brothers and I had enjoyed watching over my sisters.
I was a geek obsessed with anime and remembering the Pokemon theme song.
I was only a boy when death took my father... only a boy.
I had to forget about the good times because life was moving too fast. Evictions and prosecutions became a norm in my fam. No more playing as Sora in Kingdom Hearts. No more being Cloud and saving the world.
Damn, I'm still that boy. I just grew a beard and gotten more responsibilities.
Don't grow up so fast. Enjoy your time.

This poem is about: 
My family


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