Ripped at the Seams


Cracked and slit until severed;

 Scarlet bled through their hearts.  

Visions of black fractured worlds swam,

In front of their eyes.

All the while watching

As the white shimmer grew smaller

And smaller

And smaller



They dispersed

And the man cursed.

Giving in to the glass.

The woman cried

And people died,

Because nothing gold can last.


But they are like Frost

Each individually lost

In the blanket of ideas

Their minds



Because man should not

Be more than logic.

There should be no question of soul.

Flesh covers bone but

There is no lover’s stone.

Hearts can’t split in two.


Our noses fill

With delicious scents

That turn to

Acrid smells.

The truth,

That crunches your nose and

Distorts your features,

The truth shows.



And Yet,

Love Returns.



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