Rinse Repeat

Everyone needs a reason to believe.

It’s as simple as things ever get.

A power play ,  twist of fate .

Reality never hesitates..


Things are framed in thin denial.

Memories won’t last when defiled.

Its been forever and things are great.

There was a time it was worth a scream.

Never trying to hit that scene .

Fit it in somewhere in between .


Alien In puffy skin .

Not cute like a pirate shirt.

Please , roll me in your dirt .

I want to feel , make it hurt..

Pretty please make it hurt.


Come back around , a different 

style .

Same results a bittersweet trial.

Force fields up yeah quick to rile .

Utter nonsense , a jjabbering rube.


Everyone needs a reason to believe..

What snaps you tight ?

Why do you shake  at night?



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