Ring Ring


Ring Ring slither into my seat like a snake

Oh no! My teacher has seen I was late

Did you have to walk all the way to school in the rain?

Let me stop there I'm not one to bitch and complain.

Not like I work more hours than you every week

I'm million times smarter than these jocks and these geeks

Its dedication, commmitment, an A that you seek?

Sorry Ms. Smith but I'm no human freak

I get a few hours of sleep whenever I can

I wish you could know how many miles I've ran

Helping poor people read overseas in Japan

Teaching 10 year old kids about supply and demand

Saving women from rapists and kids from drugs

Spreading love everywhere with kisses and hugs

On the basketball team at the same time I swim

Trying to keep my sanity while I lean on the brim

But I'll gladly take this F that you say I have "earned"

Ring Ring, mercy's just something teachers will never learn


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