The Right To Vote


United States
32° 10' 8.382" N, 97° 17' 12.7248" W

White men had the right,
Just pass a test,
And fill out the ballot,
But African Americans and women could not,
Why were we restricted?

When women fought and won,
Our right to vote was granted,
Women's Suffrage they called it,
And changes were made,
Now white men and women could vote,
But African Americans still could not.

Voting Rights Act of 1965,
Signed by Lyndon B. Johnson,
They had to fight in a war,
They could not stop or change,
Could not accept or refuse to go,
And after millions of lives were lost,
African Americans finally got their rights,
Thus, the 15th Amendement was created.

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African american men got the right to vote before wemon did... wemon's right to vote was the 19th amendment.

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