Right Timing

Tue, 06/26/2018 - 13:31 -- EmmaW00

How is it everything lines up so perfectly?

From the breeze of  the California air to the turning of the pages,

The words of the brilliant Rupi Kaur, capturing the hurt that I've been trying to process all these years,

 How is it everything lines up so perfectly? 

The loneliness evaporating as less pages remained.

It was then that all my hidden strength surfaced all at once, 

No more pity parties,

No more hiding a pit of nothingness

No more pushing the world out. 

How is it everything lines up so perfectly ?

Soon I was no longer cold, 

No more sadness cloaked me

I was the me who had goals and wanted to take the challenges of life head on. 

Only a smiled remained, even though the hurt still weighed heavy.

After all this time, I still ponder,

How is it everything lines up so perfectly at the times you need it most.  


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