Right Time

I fell in love at the wrong time
in the wrong place
with the wrong person.

love is complicated and it doesnt make sense
i fell in love with you before you even knew it
as you walked by, i faded into the background
you didnt even notice me staring at you.

the sound of your voice would make my knees shake with fear
i didnt even know your name but i knew what you sounded like while you walked.

it all started with that one song
that one place
and that one time
and i knew that you were mine.

maybe it was all a mistake
meeting you wasn't even supposed to happen
it was all just a game in my head but it came to reality too fast
and suddenly we were kissing in front of your doorstep.

my life changed because i met you
more fights, more tears, more laughter, more fears
i never knew what the next day would bring with you
but then i disappeared into the background
only hearing your voice, seeing your smile, watching you walk by
I used to love you but then society messed it up
families made my life difficult and i got screwed over.

everything was okay till that horrible day
his hands on me, his breath on my ear, his words wrapped my brain and made me paralyzed
i fell into a dark place that day and ive been climbing my way out ever since.
you've saved me

I fell in love at the right time
in the right place
with the right person.

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My family
My community
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