Tue, 11/25/2014 - 21:53 -- Yarnold

you, I like you

or at least

your existance ammuses me

not in the aloof rat in a maze way

or at least not entierly

I mean

I exist

and you exist

and presumably we`ll continue to exist for a while

and that`s pretty awesome

and kinda funny don`t you think

existance is such a pointless little etherial thing

and that`s nice, but it makes me want to laugh

laugh hard enough that the antibiotics in my systm make me vomit

and then giggle like I`m on joker venom

do you feel me,

get it


you`re like the pop of my double jointed thumb


I could waist time just watching you do what you do

breath and laugh and all that

be human I guess


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