Riding Horses

Before I could remember I was on the floor 

running around the big arena was a magnificent and beautiful creature 

each step it took sent fear running through my veins 

I was 6, how was I supposed to know not to let go 

The wind hit hard and so did the dirt 

I felt my body as it hit the floor 

I knew it would take me years to ride again 

Then came Sarah, one of the best and most caring horses 

I feared her but learned to love her 

I valued the days I spent near and with her 

The rides were magical I forgot how much I feared being on a horse when I was on her 

I felt like we belonged together and that if I continued to love and care for her she would care for me 

Evetu once in a while I fall and realize my fear was not the fall

But the fear of  never wanting to ride again 

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