The Ride to School

6:52, time to put on shoes.

With lunch boxes packed and backpacks slung,

Mom would send us out to school-

“Have a good day, I love you!”


6:55, the bus arrives.

We’d cross the street as the traffic stopped,

And once we’d boarded, it wasn’t even two tick-tocks

Before my brother was asleep- looking barely alive!


It’s 7:30 now, and mom’s in a hurry.

I grab the keys on the hook, and she grabs her teacher bag.

We walk out the door together, but I get in the driver’s seat-

With two kids and two parents, working many hours apiece,


I have to drop her to school

if we’re all to be where we’re needed without worry.


At 7:45, I pull into the circle, my past teachers looking surprised

Now I’m an adult, driving my mom and working a job

It’s a mix of emotions, growing up- it’s odd

While I’m nervous for the future, I take it all in stride


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