A Ride with Death

I took a ride with Death today,

his business was doing quite well,

we had a quite fantasic lunch,

but after he still looked pale,

his chauffeur was the quiet type,

and never raised much hell,

but when Death said "an extra year .sir"

his eyes caught flame as tears fell,

we talked about the mysteries of life and debated a topic or two,

but at the end of our extravagent ride,

Death said he wanted you,

I pleaded with his reason,

praying that you may be spared,

but no matter what I offered,

he needed a soul prepared,

I took a ride with death today,

his business is doing quite well,

although I might not be with you,

our love will always prevail.




Very simple and cold piece. The rhythm soothes and mellows the piece though your talking about such a sinister topic such as death and loss and though there is sadness behind your words there is acceptance behind them as well along with hope following the last few line "although i might not be with you, our love will always prevail."

what inspired you to write this piece?

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