Ride Along

Work hard, play hard has never been my approach to life. I always work hard but never played hard. One thing I’m focusing on is working smarter not harder. The progress that I’ve seen in the past few weeks has made my life a little stressful.


The road to success has taken me into failure more than I could have imagined. It’s the longest journey I’ve ever taken. There were times when I wished I had worked ten times harder than I did in the past, but that’s behind me now. You must look back to learn and look forward to succeed.


I have the desire to take the risk that life brings me and put myself in uncomfortable situations. No matter what happens, I’ll always know I’m ready for anything because failure has taught me that. The next time I’ll play smarter and work harder but this time around it’s working smarter.


The most effective way to overcome a hurdle is to never look back and keep going, because the race is not over yet. Motivation will take over any nervous energy and destroy the statistics that surround me.


All I can do is push forward, work harder than ever and go the extra mile to get to the other road. Whenever I get tired, it will feed into any will power I have left in my bones because the sacrifices made for me will never go unnoticed.



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