Richu Are You Pikachu?

Dear Richard,


Did you know Pikachu has,

Red Cheeks?


But you got me to

My peak.


How can I speak?

How can I- speak..?


Partner in crime, are you.


Permission wasn’t given

He did not give us blessing,

to do so.


Ate persimmons we did.


Back to the ground

Lift me up to the heavens-

slowly ascending down on you.

Tight grip

Tight hold

Tight fit

Wrapped tight..


Have you ever had ecstasy?

With the combination of deeply profound true-



Gave it to me in a single-



People always tell me to

look up.

But how can I

When beauty consumes me alive.


Our bodies one-

Your gaze still imprints my skin,

As do your touch

and kisses.


But stunning

irresistible eyes.

Above the stars.


Fell in fall.


Those eyes belong to you,

I belong to you.


The color red flushed your cheeks.

Crashed the ocean waves- refreshed our body.




Sincerely Yours Truly,


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