Riaya goddess of fire, of death, of darkness and betrayal

How my heart beats for your good grace

Your beauty surpasses no mans

Your loveliness knows no bounds

Your rosy red lips are the color of fresh blood

Your hair the color of purest fire

Your eyes shine like the purest emeralds and

Yours the purest of hearts

Oh Riaya goddess of fire love and death

I worship Thee

My prayers come to your divine ears

I weep for you whenever I hear that one has betrayed thee

How can one cheat thee

Death is inescapable 

But there is always that one

Your one and only beloved

The one who stole your heart but gave non of himself to you

Thy dear Nickolaus

He lied to you whenever he said he loved you

In truth, he only wanted eternal life

And his only loves

Were greed for the everafter and his lust for your dear sister

Your sister the goddess of spring, of pale roses, of lust, and knowledge

The goddess Zebet

How I enjoy his folly whenever you discovered his true loves

How he is eternally forever now a familiar feline

With the finest black fur and the most handsome yellow eyes

Your sister that daring temptress has run up into her tree

Awaiting a husband who one never sees

You my dear Riaya you relish in your triumphs

Your morn your awful deeds but you still love, cherish and hold

You plant evil seeds

Some of good deeds

Some of maliscuis ways

Oh Riaya goddess of love and fire

How I worship the

Answer my prayer

Fulfill me unto my destiny

Goddess of fire death love and betrayal.

As you sit on your throne of skulls

In your garden of death

Remember me!!!!!

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