Rhymes, rhymes, that’s what catches my eye.

End Rhymes, Slant Rhymes, Rich Rhymes, Oh my…

End rhymes are the ones we catch with no hesitation,

Slant rhymes seem to start the frustration.


What do you mean rhymes can be imperfect?

What’s this question that reached the surface?

I seem to be stuck between a knife and a can

Rich rhymes?  I guess I’ll try if I can.


Rhymes, rhymes, that’s what catches my eye.

Those words that go together are what I use to spy.

Now one may thank Dr. Suess, who sparked this fire,

Poetry now is all I desire.


But I learned to widen my mind,

And I learn to enjoy those half-rhymed.

However, rich rhymes seem to leave a pain in my back,

But, don’t worry, I’ll be back.


Rhymes are what inspired me to try.

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