Rhinestone Cowboy


Its stepping out in that hot humid air

where even the birds dont want to sing because of the heat

the way its still 90 degrees in the end of October

or randomly snows in March

It's the rhinestone-wanna-be-cowboys 

who are to afraid to get either their trucks or boots dirty

but just down the road

you see couches in the yards of trailer parks

and a beer belly wrapped in a wife beater

where other countries ask if we still ride a horse to school

yet in most schools girls are driving Range Rovers

its those beautiful Lubbock sunsets

more beautiful than any model in any magazine

or that sweet ol' pa with his handle bar mustache

who would "count your ribs" 

just to tickle you and hear that belly laugh

this is a place I'm more than proud to call home

This is Texas, my lone star state.


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