Rewriting Destinies

With such a desperation my breath gets caught in my lungs. 

Time stands still as the embers start to awaken.

Shining dim then blossoming into a beacon of hope.

As my heart starts to pump, blood coursing thorugh my veins,

it screams "freedom"

A mighty fire engulfs me.

I raise my sword and take a stance

Words flow from my heart pouring out of my mouth.

life lives in its wake

Joy and Peace flow from the warriors in my army

The army that has the hand of protection flowing from it

The leaders start to awaken;

from slumber and depression; an emptyness

A consuming fire spreads; destinies begin to be rewritten

The sleepers start to awaken

As the light shines within.

Nothing can hinder us.

Fore my God is for us so what can hinder us?


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