Revolutionary Minds


United States
41° 30' 32.8536" N, 81° 36' 32.3532" W

This sistah would like to say
That finally Revolution is on its way
Dig, my People?
Just as the "New Negro" replaced the "Coloreds"
Black is replacing the "New Negro"
"Freedom Now" has been replaced by "All power to the People"
But most importantly
Its been proven that over time
That that old “house nigga” mentality
Is materializing into many
Revolutionary minds
We’re getting tired of the chicanery
Tired of the lies
We refuse to remain-to-be
Nerve-less minds!
So forget the minstrel shows
That tap dancing nigger image
Forget racial epitaphs
And the Klan
And I swear to you all today
My pride will NOT diminish!
Because we’re just getting started
We’re not even close to finished
This is warfare!
Warfare of the mind!
And this IS fighting back
And as we arrive at our darkest hour
I raise my fist to my Black forefathers
Saluting them for their Black Power!
It starts with mentality
A way of thought
Then it manifests into action
Where we fight to the death for freedom
With a passion!
I don’t know
I guess I speak for myself
But I refuse to be seen only as The Help!
I refuse to let you beat me with no retaliation!
I refuse to let you stop the Revolution!
And I damn sure refuse to be patient!
It’s been over 100 years since our so called “emancipation”!
And we still down here fighting for liberation!
But look out America
Because Revolution is afoot
And the Black folk all over this country
They know it is finally time
So we shall fight the powers that be
With these
And powerful
Revolutionary Minds!


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