Revolt of Brutality

Thu, 12/11/2014 - 14:19 -- Lynxe







We choose to live in a world

free from the hardships of unfair justice.

We fight 

for the right to walk in the streets unafraid

that an officer of the twisted law will harm us.


We see the brutality done to our brothers 

and sisters.

And we revolt.


We are not of the same colour of skin,

my siblings and I.

But should that be a barrier between us?

Are we to just look away and pretend 

that the hatred and the pain caused by the ones paid to protect us

does not exist?



I am only one person.

But I will make my voice heard.


Colour is not a justification

for murder.

And those who have the nerve to say

"It was in protection"

are locked away in the past.

Those who think like this are stuck

in the old times of segregation.


We cannot change overnight.

But we can stop the brutality unjustly placed unpon those 

who are our family.


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