REVIVED                                          I slipped into a raging sea
                                        gasped desperately for life.
                                      choking, sinking, reaching out
                                           for something to survive.
                                           It tossed me, threw me,
                                               violently beat me.
                                                  I was giving in.
                                  My children flashed before my eyes,
                                           my husband and my sin.                                 No house, no cars, nor' cash appeared                                             for this I did not reach.                                   I reached with faith for life my friend                                             in an angry, deadly sea.                      I've been blessed with happiness, a family by my side                  It was for my sins, I am sorry Lord that Jesus Christ had died.                                          I reach by day, and by night,                                                 I put my faith in he.                           For only Jesus has the power to conquer and sea.                                      


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