Revive America

The country with the red, white, and green 

Or is the red, white, and blue 

To me it does not matter 

But for others it does 

Where someone comes from 

it is important. 

There are time where they judge you.

Why does it even matter what the color of my skin is

or what my ethic is.

All I know is I am me and that all that should matter


America of the Free

America of the Land of Opportunities

That is the America for me.


The violence 

The separation

is dividing the old, great country 

that I once knew.

I wonder if it always have been like this.

No, it could have not

There was some Love

Some Hope

Some Peace 

Just have to persistence through


America of the Free 

America of the Land of Opportunities 

That is the America for me. 

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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