Revision I - Geolycosa

Mon, 10/04/2021 - 00:12 -- woila

What it says on the tin.

A quick 'n' dirty first revision made in preparation for this Wednesday's workshop. I'm very excited to find out what my classmates will suggest. :)





Biding in the burrows dark

beneath the mouldy leaves; 

the dank and dreary soil



I laid writhing,

watching the twinkling

daylights and moonlights

dancing on a string

a drifting visitor had laid outstretched.



And from the corner I saw

Thumbelina’s smiling spirit

just emerging from my tepid, shining shell

creeping in retreat once more

to soil I’d find in another's burrow.


Looking back

in each silken strand,

I saw a mirror of turning time

Foretelling in my eyes: a thousand more cavernous dewdrops,

clinging, quivering, to silk of mine,

held tenderly by nimble hands.



I'd gone to tug off more old skin 

and leave it to curl where I’d stand.

Now I’d pull in the string inside the web, longing to redress in dew;

I reached an outstretched, limbering limb, as a thumb on an unthimbled hand.

Where the web was snugged, I tucked it to me, and it broke

turned into dust in vain.


An artful vision, lost to dark

wherein I’d gone and done it again.


But it’s all right.

Even should I have to spin it from the dust and salt of the earth,


I’ve got more web.



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