A Revised 'Pledge of Allegiance'

In school I used to say

---”I pledge allegiance,”

to America,

a country I now,

struggle to remember my allegiance to.

It is hard to call myself an American,

and be proud.

How can I be?


In the past,

I have dedicated silence,

to the men and women,

who fought to defend our flag.

I now look,

---To the flag,

that still waves,

but does nothing more.

It no longer represents a home,

it represents a place.

The feeling,

of being “proud to be an American,”

has vanished.


When half,

---Of the United States of America,

is supporting,

“Make America great again!!!”

I can no longer,

support America.

What was wrong with it in the first place?


---And to the Republic,

is this really the message,

you intend to send to our youth?


Our nation has given birth,

to a stigma,

that defends bigotry,


and bashing.


now has an example to follow;

a president,

---For which it stands,

encouraging this kind of hate-speech.


The pride, progress, and power,

that once flourished,

---In one nation,

is non-existent.


---Under God,

we are a melting pot,

and a diverse and daunting community,

that other nations look up to.

Under Trump,

we have become single-minded,

and a disastrous and damaging country,

that other nations shudder at.


We are,


but the wall must be built!


You’re banned too.


---With liberty,

freedom of speech,

is an excuse to bully.

“Grab her by the pussy!”

Boys at school,

think this is an acceptable way,

to speak to a woman.


We must fight,

for rights,

for equality,

for acceptance,

---And justice for all.

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My country
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