Review, Rewind, Repeat

Starting from January:


I led

I learned how to be a leader

and how not to be


I spent another Valentine’s day alone….

I got a job opportunity


I existed


I got a cold

I was second-in-command

I had to learn to loosen the reins


I was excited

I took an important test

I spent all of my time on something I would not be paid for

I was sung to

I became a year older

I got through another school year


I toiled

I spent more time at the theatre than at my house

I wrote essays

I relaxed


I went to a new job and realized that I had been replaced

I muddled through

I started a new project


I was in charge of people 3 times my age

I was hurt

I was bullied and put down in the most uncivilized manner

I was praised and thanked, but not by the bully


School began

I am going in a different path

My friends and I are going separate ways and

I don’t know how to handle it.


I worked and cried and actually reached some goals

I was proud

for a moment

But the stress kept piling up


I pushed

I cried for humanity

I counted down the days

I was with family


I felt defeat

I felt nervous 

Sad Anniversaries were haunting me

I spent time with family

Not all of them though


And I count down the days

To the New Year


Here’s to 2016

And the hope of a beautiful 2017


I remember the memories


Then without pause,

The cycle begins again

This poem is about: 
Our world


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