I found my love long ago

The one they always talk about 

The one in movies with happy endings

The one in books so endearing 


I found my love when I was young 

So sure it would last 

So sure I would be the princess 

So sure I played in the fairytale of life 


I found my love unexpectedly 

In a time when I barely understood

In a time when life was still masked 

In a time when everything made sense


I found my love but then they went

Gone before I knew it

Gone before I could fathom 

Gone before we even began 


I lost my love long ago

In a way that no one should

In a way that hurts even the cold-hearted

In a way that’s unhealable 


I lost my love when I was young 

Too early for both of us

Too early for a young one's heart

Too early, too early


I lost my love unexpectedly 

Over a decade now

Over 3650 days

Over what feels like a lifetime


I lost my love but they’re still here

Through my heart 

Through my mind

Through my life

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