Reverse Roles

“This is your 911 operator speaking what is your emergency”

“Yes hello? We need help now there's a white male maybe in his late 20’s he was just gunned down he’s losing a lot of blood he's barely breathing”

“Alright ma'am i'm going to need you to calm down help is on its way”

The news reporters say the victims name was charles wayland he was 25 years old he had two daughters and a sick wife the man suspected of this horrific crime is said to have a snake tattoo possible gang affiliation he's in his early to late 30’s about 6’7 african american and has brunette dreads.


Within hours the suspect posters are drawn new labels are made its now all black men with dreads are gang members and murders all blacks are dangerous.They are now the inferior.Whites live in fear of being killed for nothing more than the the color of their skin running only traveling in groups of three always wearing neutral colors.Black moms hide their sons in fear of them being mistaken for the labels handed to them .


“This is news channel 8 reporting the african american police officer that gunned down that innocent causinan teen for reaching into his pocket for what sources say a tube of  chapstick is being allowed to go home free of all charges after the officer allegedly states he swears there was a gun and his body cam must have been malfunctioning and as the the only witness refuses to speak out in fear of relation it's just the officer's word against the deceased boy.”


When will the treachery end ? The whites matter movement is founded.

The fear is made

The damage is done

The holy war has begun who will be the first to fall?

The black superiors?or the White Survivors?

“This is your 911 operator speaking what is your emergency?

“Yes hello my name is society.I’m centuries old.There's a war brewing and people are dying.these collisions have been happening for quite some time some of the worst involve rodney king and the detroit riots .I need assistance now.”


“I’m sorry society but it's too late”


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