The Revenge of Belle

Mon, 08/14/2017 - 16:21 -- awasu

Once upon a time,

there lived a girl with so much beauty.

Men thought that she was a dime,

but the villager girls thought that she was snooty.


One day, her father travelled far away.

Days passed and Belle started to worry.

She wondered if he was led astray.

So then, she left the town in a hurry.


In her journey, she saw a magnificient castle.

While exploring, she had found her father dead.

She thought that the killing was "too facile."

"I will be seeking revenge for this," she said.


Again, she explored to find the killer.

Belle processed that this is like a thriller.

She found this monster staring at a flower.

She knows that she shouldn't cower.


What she does next was despicable.

When the villagers find out, they will think she is cynical.

She grabs a knife and punctured it deeply.

The beast falls down weakly.


This is something that she will always remember.

She quickly left before the beast gets hold of her.

Where will she go?

That is the question. No one will know.






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